Medical Marijuana: Students and Seniors Lobby Congress

Generic 3 June 2013 | tips for writing a good essay

Students for Sensible Drug Policy and the Silver Tour will convene a medical marijuana training session and lobby day in Washington D.C. to encourage Congress and the Obama Administration to allow states greater autonomy to create their own cannabis policies without political pressure from the federal government. Lobby training session is scheduled for Sunday, June […]

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define case control study

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Today, the Wall Street Journal is featuring a news article and video casting light on the High Times and NORML-sponsored ‘Silver Tour‘ featuring former federal cannabis prisoner Robert Platshorn (who served nearly a thirty year sentence for a cannabis-only related criminal offense). To donate or learn more about Robert and the Silver Tour, click here. […]

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Medical Marijuana: Silver Tour Reaches Out To America’s Senior Citizens

Generic 13 October 2011 | 0 Comments

The narrative of the popular 1960s song entitled ‘Teach Your Children‘ by Crosby, Stills and Nash was for ‘parents to teach their children well’. Today the children of the World War II generation (the so-called ‘greatest’ generation) are teaching their parents (and their fellow Baby Boomers) about the wonderful utility of naturally-produced, non-toxic medical cannabis to […]

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