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Colorado: Governor Signs Multiple Marijuana Law Reform Measures

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Democratic Gov. Jared Polis has signed multiple bills into law amending the state’s marijuana laws. House Bill 1234 establishes regulations for the delivery of cannabis products from state-licensed retailers. Under the plan, deliveries are limited to one per day per household, and are only permitted in municipalities that explicitly allow for such activities. Deliveries to […]

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Illinois poised to become the first state to legislatively legalize and regulate cannabis Springfield, IL: For more than 40 years, NORML has been committed to the mission of ending cannabis prohibition, and after decades of hard work by dedicated volunteers and activists from coast-to-coast that mission is one step closer to fruition following the passage […]

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Genetic analysis of cannabis is here

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Research could provide government regulators with powerful new tools for addressing a bevy of commercial claims and other concerns as non-medical marijuana, hemp and CBD products become more commonplace. The new analysis of the genetic and chemical characteristics of cannabis is believed to be the first thorough examination of its kind.

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Cannabis use among older adults rising rapidly

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Cannabis use among older adults is growing faster than any other age group but many report barriers to getting medical marijuana, a lack of communication with their doctors and a lingering stigma attached to the drug, according to researchers.

Arizona: Supreme Court Rules That Concentrates Are Legal Under State’s Medical Cannabis Access Law

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Manufacturing and possessing concentrated forms of cannabis are legally protected activities under the state’s medical cannabis access law, according to a unanimous decision issued today by the Arizona Supreme Court. The decision reverses a 2018 ruling by the Arizona Court of Appeals. Writing for the Court, justices opined: “AMMA (the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act) defines […]

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