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On The Passing of Hugh Hefner

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Hugh Hefner, or “Hef” as he preferred to be called, played a crucial role in the early days of NORML. At a time when most Americans were accepting the government’s “reefer madness” propaganda, Hef, through the Playboy Foundation, provided NORML with our initial funding in early 1971, and became our primary funder all during the […]

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It’s time to exercise your civic duty and ensure that you are registered to vote! 2018 is a critical midterm election year, and NORML is partnering with the National Cannabis Festival and HeadCount for the #WeCannaVote Voter Registration Drive. The goal is to register thousands of new voters before the 2018 National Cannabis Festival on […]

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College Medical Marijuana Policy Leaves Many Students Unable to Legally Consume

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What’s a medical marijuana card-holding college student to do when they are required to live in on-campus housing but their medicine is banned from the premises? Apparently, choose between suffering from their illness or face disciplinary action, at least according to the majority of University policy. In Washington DC, marijuana is legal to for those […]

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Marijuana Arrest Data Absent From Latest FBI Uniform Crime Report

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Tabulations calculating the percentage of annual marijuana arrests nationwide are absent from the 2017 edition of the FBI Uniform Crime Report, which the agency released today. The table,’Arrests for Drug Abuse Violations: Percent Distribution by Region,’ had for decades appeared in the section of the FBI report entitled ‘Persons Arrested.’ It was one of over […]

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Massachusetts High Court: Field Sobriety Tests Are Not Valid Measures For Determining Marijuana-Induced Impairment

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Standard roadside field sobriety tests (FST) are not reliable indicators of marijuana-induced impairment, according to a ruling by the Massachusetts Supreme Court. Justices determined that there is a lack of scientific consensus as to the validity of FSTs for determining whether a subject is under the influence of cannabis. They opined: “There is ongoing disagreement […]

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