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Researchers study differences in ischemic stroke in marijuana users

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Strokes in young adults who use marijuana are more likely to be caused by stenosis, narrowing of the arteries, in the skull than strokes in non-users, new research shows. Previous studies found an association between marijuana use and stroke, but the new study is the first to explore differences in stroke in marijuana users and […]

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The hormone oxytocin, which has been associated with interpersonal bonding, may enhance the pleasure of social interactions by stimulating production of marijuana-like neurotransmitters in the brain, according to a new study. The research provides the first link between oxytocin — dubbed the ‘love hormone’ — and anandamide, which has been called the ‘bliss molecule’ for […]

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Ohioans will decide next Tuesday on Issue 3, the Marijuana Legalization Amendment, and recent polls indicate that voters are evenly divided on the issue. Bowling Green State University polling data released late last week finds 44 percent of respondents supporting the measure and 43 percent opposing it. Thirteen percent of respondents are undecided. By contrast, […]

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Support for Legalization Continues to Grow Into The Future

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Public policy, in a democracy, depends on the will of a majority of the citizens. Only when a clear majority favor a change in policy can that change occur, and even then, when working with elected legislators, these is always a significant lag between a change in the public attitudes, and a change in public […]

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