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Why Pot Smokers Owe a Lot to the Progressive Era

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While it may not be apparent to casual observers of the current drive to legalize marijuana in America, we are truly the beneficiaries of political reforms adopted during what is generally referred to as the Progressive Era. This period of social activism and political reform in America is generally defined as beginning in 1890 and […]

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Poll: 55 Percent of Likely California Voters Say Marijuana Should Be Legal

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Fifty-five percent of likely California voters believe that “the use of marijuana should be legal,” according to the results of a statewide PPIC poll released yesterday. The percentage in favor of legalization is the highest level of support ever recorded in the statewide poll. African Americans (69 percent), Whites (64 percent), Democrats (63 percent), and […]

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Legalizing marijuana and the new science of weed

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More than a year into Colorado’s experiment legalizing marijuana, labs testing the plants are able for the first time to take stock of the drug’s potency and contaminants – and openly paint a picture of what’s in today’s weed. Now, one such lab will present trends — and some surprises — that its preliminary testing […]

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A Tale of Two Cities: Why DC and NY are Worlds Apart

Generic 24 March 2015 | 0 Comments Washington, DC and New York City are only 225 miles apart, a four-hour drive up I-95, or a 3½ hour train ride on Amtrak. And both jurisdictions have taken positive steps over the last couple of years to stop arresting marijuana smokers. But in other ways, they are in parallel universes. In one city […]

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Now Is The Time To Support Marijuana Law Reform In Your State

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Marijuana law reform legislation is presently pending in over 30 states. Is your state one of them? Visit NORML’s online ‘Take Action Center’ here to find out. By clicking this link, you will have access to up-to-date bill status information. You can also quickly contact your elected officials and urge their support for these reforms […]

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