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American Academy of Pediatrics Calls For Rescheduling Cannabis

Generic 27 January 2015 | freedom definition essay

An updated policy statement issued today by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) calls for the rescheduling of the cannabis plant under federal law to better facilitate clinical trial research and to promote the plant’s eventual pharmaceutical development. The new position statement resolves: “The AAP strongly supports research and development of pharmaceutical cannabinoids and supports […]

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Demanding “Perfect Legalization” is a Formula for Defeat

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You don’t have to look too hard to see marijuana legalization efforts in several states that have a good chance of being approved by the voters in 2016. But many of those efforts are mired-down with competing proposals and competing proponents that could easily undermine the ability of supporters in those states to actually change […]

Pro-marijuana ‘tweets’ are sky-high on Twitter

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Analyzing every marijuana-related Twitter message sent during a one-month period in early 2014, researchers have found that the ‘Twitterverse’ is a pot-friendly place. In that time, more than 7 million tweets referenced marijuana, with 15 times as many pro-pot tweets sent as anti-pot tweets.

Want Legalization in Your State?

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How do we move from prohibition to legalization in my state? That’s one of the most asked questions we hear every week at NORML. With national media attention focusing on the favorable experience with legalization in Colorado and Washington, and on the not-yet-implemented legalization programs recently adopted in Oregon and Alaska, anyone living in a […]

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Washington, DC: District Officials Move Forward To Enact Municipal Depenalization Initiative

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District of Columbia city officials this week moved forward with their intentions to implement a voter-approved municipal initiative depenalizing marijuana possession and cultivation offenses. On Tuesday, city officials confirmed that Initiative 71 was transmitted to Congress for review. Under federal law, all District laws are subject to a 30-day review process by Congress, during which […]

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