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The Countdown to Legal Cannabis Retail Sales Has Begun

books on critical thinking and reasoning 31 December 2013 | pay for essay cheap

The eyes and ears of the national and international media will be focused on Colorado on New Year’s Day as the nation’s first modern state-licensed retail cannabis dispensaries will be open for business. Late last week, state and local regulators signed off on the first wave of licensed cannabis businesses, with hundreds more applicants awaiting […]

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books on critical thinking and reasoning 27 December 2013 | how to write a report for university assignment

#1 Public Support For Legalizing Marijuana Hits Historic Highs An unprecedented 58 percent of Americans believe that marijuana ought to be “made legal” for adult consumption, according to survey data reported in October by Gallup. The percentage is the highest level of support ever recorded by Gallup, which has been inquiring on the issue since […]

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Marijuana Arrest: Devastation Of A Life Well Lived

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If there is another human being who has publicly debated more in favor of cannabis law reform, or, spoken to more legal victims of America’s cannabis laws than me, I want to meet and thank them. From these hundreds of debates and thousands of personal encounters with my fellow cannabis consumers busted for ganja, one […]

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NORML: 2013 Annual Report

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(If you already think NORML is kicking pot prohibition’s butt, skip director’s note below and join NORML or make an end-of-the-year donation.) Dear NORML members and supporters, For all and intent purposes since the good people of California voted in the majority in 1996 to create legal access for qualified medical patients to cannabis, the […]

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Teen Use Of Alcohol, Tobacco Falls To Historic Lows (But All The Media And The Feds Want To Talk About Is Pot)

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Adolescent consumption of alcohol and tobacco fell to historic lows while self-reported annual use of cannabis held steady, according to survey data released today by the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor — which has been sampling teens consumption of various licit and illicit substances since the mid-1970s. But you wouldn’t know these facts if […]

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