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Angus Reid Poll: Most Canadians, Americans Support Marijuana Legalization — Expect It To Be Legal Within Ten Years

Generic 30 November 2012 |

A majority of adults in both Canada and the United States believe that cannabis ought to be legal, according to a two-country Angus Reid Public Opinion poll of 1,005 randomly selected Canadian adults and 1,002 randomly selected American adults. In the online survey of representative national samples, a majority of Canadians (57 percent) and Americans […]

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Indiana State Police Chief: If It Were Up To Me, I’d Legalize and Tax Marijuana

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The scent of reform and rational marijuana policies must be drifting across the Rockies into distant areas of the country, as today the Indiana State Police Chief stated that he would tax and regulate marijuana. Speaking during a budget committee hearing, Indiana State Police Superintendent Paul Whitesell was asked about marijuana, his answer was quite […]

The “Voters Say ‘No’ To Pot Prohibition”

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I have an op/ed today online at The’s influential Congress blog (“Where lawmakers come to blog”). Read an excerpt from it below: Voters say ‘No’ to pot prohibition via Voters in Colorado and Washington made history on Election Day. For the first time ever, a majority of voters decided at the ballot box […]

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Two of the Largest American Newspapers Opine in Favor of Allowing States to Legalize Marijuana

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In the wake of the historic votes for marijuana law reform on November 6th, there has been a renewed focus on the topic and a shift in tone amongst the mainstream media. While previously, many outlets have either covered our efforts with a wink and a nod (or didn’t cover them at all), now that […]

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Study: Those Arrested For Minor Pot Offenses Unlikely To Subsequently Commit Violent Crimes

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Arresting and prosecuting low level marijuana offenders in New York City has little or no impact on law enforcement efforts to reduce violent crime, according to a study released today by Human Rights Watch, an international advocacy organization that focuses on human rights violations worldwide. The study’s authors reviewed data from the New York Department […]

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