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Wired Magazine: Check the Map. Are You Paying Too Much For Your Marijuana?

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The September issue of Wired Magazine, working with FloatingSheep, has published a non-peer reviewed report and heat map of the United States demonstrating the current cost to purchase one ounce of cannabis, along with some interesting analysis regarding the disconnect between cannabis prices and state penalties.

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Scientists report the development of much needed new tests to help cope with a wave of deaths, emergency room visits and other problems from a new genre of dangerous designer drugs sold legally in stores and online that mimic the effects of cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana.

DEA Issues ‘Final Order’ Rejecting Private Production Of Cannabis For FDA-Approved Research

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[Editor’s note: This post is excerpted from this week’s forthcoming NORML weekly media advisory. To have NORML’s media alerts and legislative advisories delivered straight to your in-box, sign up here. To watch NORML’s weekly video summary of the week’s top stories, click here.] The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has issued its final order […]

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This Week in Weed: August 21st – 27th

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Now streaming on NORMLtv is the latest edition of “This Week in Weed.” This new weekly video series covers the most newsworthy stories shaping the marijuana law reform world. This week we cover new research on the efficacy of school drug testing, the safety of THC delivered intravenously, and announce the date for NORML’s Key […]

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Tremendous PBS Video Explains Why Medical Cannabis Works — And How Big Pharma Is Planning To Cash In On It

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PBS is to be commended for producing this excellent video summarizing the science behind the use of cannabis as a medicine. Want to know why cannabis is effective at treating multiple symptoms and conditions? Watch this video. Want to know how cannabinoids selectively target and kill cancer cells? Watch this video. Want to know how […]

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