New Hampshire: Home Cultivation Legislation Advances

Generic 8 February 2020 | essay writing examples

marijuana plantSenate lawmakers have passed legislation, pr case studies, permitting state-authorized patients to home cultivate cannabis for their own personal use.

Under the proposed measure, patients registered with the state’s medical cannabis access would be permitted to grow up to three mature cannabis plants at home. Currently, qualified patients are only permitted to obtain medical cannabis from a limited number of state-licensed dispensaries.

The bill now awaits further action from members of the House.

Representatives last year approved similar legislation by a veto-proof supermajority. However, Senators were unable to gain sufficient support to override the Governor’s veto. At that time, Republican Gov. Chris Sununu opined that allowing patients to grow their own medical cannabis would “make the job of law enforcement significantly more difficult,” and also suggested that it might reduce the number of patients soliciting the state’s dispensaries.

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