New York: New Law Reducing Marijuana Possession Penalties Takes Effect Today

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Legislation reducing marijuana possession penalties and facilitating the expungement of past cannabis convictions took effect today. Assembly Bill 8420-A reduces the penalty for minor marijuana possession violations (up to one ounce) to a $50 fine. It also amends penalties for offenses involving the possession of more than one ounce but less than two ounces of […]

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Rep. Nadler: You and I are going to legalize marijuana

Generic 19 August 2019 | 0 Comments

Jerry Nadler is the Representative of New York’s 10th Congressional District Last month, I introduced comprehensive legislation in Congress to once and for all end the destructive policy of federal marijuana prohibition in America and to remedy the widespread inequities and injustice this policy has brought upon tens of millions of Americans — becoming the […]

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Study: Adolescent Cannabis Exposure Not Associated With Structural Brain Differences in Adulthood

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The use of cannabis during adolescence is not associated with structural brain differences in adulthood, according to longitudinal data published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence. Investigators from Arizona State University and the University of Pittsburgh assessed the impact of adolescent cannabis exposure on brain morphology in adulthood. Researchers tracked differing adolescent use patterns […]

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New York: Governor Signs Measure Reducing Marijuana Possession Penalties, Expunging Past Convictions

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Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo today signed legislation into law amending marijuana possession penalties and establishing procedures for the automatic expungement of prior, low-level cannabis convictions. The new law takes effect August 28, 2019. Specifically, Assembly Bill 8420-A, reduces the penalty for minor marijuana possession violations (up to one ounce) to a $50 fine. It also […]

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Study: Adult Use Retail Customers Frequently Substitute Cannabis for Opioids, Other Prescription Drugs

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Adults who purchase retail cannabis typically report using it to mitigate pain and to improve sleep, and often use it in place of conventional medications, according to data published online today in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs. A team of investigators from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York and the University of […]

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