Election 2018: Voters In Ohio And Wisconsin Approve Municipal Reform Measures

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Voters in Ohio and Wisconsin approved a series of binding and non-binding local marijuana reform initiatives on Election Day. In Ohio, voters in five cities — including Dayton (population 140,000) — approved municipal ordinances seeking to either eliminate or significantly reduce local fines and penalties associated with marijuana-related offenses. Voters approved similar measures in the […]

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The test should be, “Is it better than Prohibition.” Does the proposal stop the arrest of smokers and establish a legal market where consumers can obtain their marijuana? I want to take the opportunity today to personally thank you for being a marijuana policy reform supporter. Whether you are new to the cause or an […]

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Missouri: Not All Medical Marijuana Efforts are Created Equal #YesOn2

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NORML Recommends: YES on Amendment 2 NO on Amendment 3 NO on Proposition C Voters this November have the opportunity to make Missouri the 32nd state to allow for the physician-recommended use of marijuana, and based on the latest polling data, they will likely do so. Therefore, the important question before voters is no longer […]

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Here are the California Cities and Counties Voting on Marijuana this November 6th

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With the marijuana midterms right around the corner, it’s imperative that you know who and what is going to be on your ballot leading up to Election Day on November 6th. To see who the Votemarijuanamost pro-cannabis reform candidates are in your district, check out our Smoke the Vote scorecard and voter guide. One of […]

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North Dakota: Let’s Make History

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Can you believe that we are less than four weeks away from Election Day? This year, the stakes have never been higher. North Dakotans on November 6th have the unique opportunity to end the state’s failed experiment with marijuana prohibition and to cease arresting adults for marijuana-related offenses. By voting “yes’ on Measure 3, you […]

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