Congressional Black Caucus Announces Support for Marijuana Law Reforms

Generic 13 June 2018 | argumentative conclusion

Last Friday, the Congressional Black Caucus announced its position on various marijuana law reforms. “Some of the same folks who told African Americans ‘three strikes and you’re out’ when it came to marijuana use and distribution, are now in support of decriminalizing the drug and making a profit off of it,” CBC Chairman Cedric L. […]

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Minor marijuana possession arrests have plunged in the city of New Orleans following the adoption of a municipal ordinance one year ago that called for fining rather than arresting low-level offenders. According to data made available last week, just one percent of encounters between police and someone accused of possessing marijuana resulted in an arrest […]

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Racial Disparities Persist Among NYC Marijuana Possession Arrestees

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New York City police are continuing to disproportionately arrest African Americans and Latinos for minor marijuana possession violations, despite ongoing pledges from Mayor Bill de Blasio to halt the practice. In 2017, city police made an estimated 17,500 arrests for marijuana possession in the 5th degree — a class B misdemeanor. Consistent with past years, […]

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Just Introduced: The Marijuana Justice Act is in the House

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Today, Representative Barbara Lee of California along with over a dozen original co-sponsors have introduced the Marijuana Justice Act into the House of Representatives. “I’m proud to introduce the Marijuana Justice Act – bold, progressive legislation to address the legacy of racial bias in marijuana enforcement and to end the failed War on Drugs,” said […]

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Kansas State Representative Defends Prohibition, Goes Full Racist

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At an event over the weekend, Kansas State Representative Steve Alfond (R) defended the continuation of marijuana prohibition by reverting to the kind of overtly racist rhetoric originally deployed by Henry Anslinger when this failed policy was first implemented. It is important to remember: Marijuana prohibition perpetuates institutional racism and is itself being perpetuated by […]

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