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The dark side of cannabis: Panic attacks, nausea

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Although the use of cannabis as a medical drug is currently booming, we should not forget that leisure time consumption — for example, smoking weed — can cause acute and chronic harms. These include panic attacks, impaired coordination of movement, and nausea, as researchers show. The symptoms depend on a patient’s age, the amount of […]

Puerto Rico: Governor Signs Executive Order To Allow For Medicinal Use of Marijuana

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Puerto Rican Gov. Alejandro J. García Padilla signed an executive order on Sunday to allow for the therapeutic use of cannabis and cannabinoids in the US territory. Although the executive order takes immediate effect, the Health Department Secretary has up to three months to issue a report in regard to precisely how the new law […]

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Drug Warrior Christie Still Pushing Gateway Myth

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The “gateway” theory is still hanging around after all these years. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, in one of his many ill-informed public statements, recently proclaimed that were he elected president in 2016, he would “crack down and not permit” states to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes, calling tax revenue from marijuana “blood money”. Christie […]

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