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Jimmy Kimmel Confronts President Obama Over Marijuana Legalization

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Click here to view the embedded video. “Marijuana is something that real people care about.” — Jimmy Kimmel (forward to 21:50 or click here) Late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel performed at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and took a moment to confront President Obama on his marijuana crackdown. I do have one real question for […]

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This Week in Weed: April 22nd-28th

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Click here to subscribe to NORMLtv and receive alerts whenever new content is added. The latest installment of “This Week in Weed” is now streaming on NORMLtv. A week of federal officials with their heads buried in the sand. President Obama clarifies his stance on medical marijuana and the drug czar reiterates the administration’s opposition […]

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Dutch Judge Paves Way To Turn Coffeeshops Into Private Clubs For Dutch Only

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While Amsterdam coffeeshop owners hope to be able to work out a political compromise to remain open for non-Dutch, it looks like the rest of The Netherlands will quickly move to embrace these court-ordered changes to their business model. Let’s hope that this past High Times Cannabis Cup Awards will not be the last! From […]

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NEW POLL: 74% of Americans Support Alternative Penalties for Marijuana

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A new poll, published today by Angus Reid Public Opinion, looks at the changing attitudes towards marijuana possession penalties in the UK, Canada, and the United States. The poll surveyed 1,011 Americans, 2,015 Britons, and 1,005 Canadians during March of this year. The results show that an overwhelming majority of citizens in these countries no […]

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City of Miami Beach Settles False Arrest Case with Marijuana Rights Activist

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A staple joke from late night comedians, going back to George Carlin in the 1970s, is about how cannabis law reformers are too stoned to gather signatures and turn them in, when, ironically, or not, it is usually agents of the government who more often than not interfere with the democratic process of citizens gathering […]

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